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60 minute massage $ 75.00

90 minute massage $100.00


Traditional Therapeutic Massage Package may be purchased in advance.
Six 60 minute sessions $360
Six 90 minute sessions $500

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Explanations of Therapeutic Massage Techniques

Swedish: Generally relaxing massage with emphasis on calming muscles.

Deep Tissue: Long, slow stroke used to push congested muscle fibers out of congested areas.

Neuromuscular Massage: Fingertip attention to specific locations that encourage a muscle to adopt a new tone, although this may be uncomfortable, it is usually not painful.

Lymphatic Drainage: Used to gently encourage lymph (your immune fluids) back towards your organs. We use body pillows to perform side-lying massage.

Prenatal Massage: Safe for expecting mothers beginning in the second trimester up until birth. We use body pillows to perform side-lying massage.

Sports Massage: A series of stretches and deep tissue techniques to increase flexibility and assist recovery from athletic experiences. A sports massage can be done with males wearing athletic shorts and females wearing athletic shorts and a sports bra to allow for a more active participation. Clients receiving this style of sports massage will be able to assist in their own stretching and improve flexibility in important muscles.

Restoration Massage

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Express Zone Massage

Traditional Therapeutic Massage

Inspired by Athletic and Injury Massage

Sometimes my clients are seeking a focused massage that does not need to incorporate some of the aspects of Traditional Massage. A 15 minute treatment on their neck or shoulders may be all that is desired. By offering Express Zone Massage, clients may receive an effective treatment that does not take a full hour, and uses little or no lotion. No need to undress, workout clothing or business casual allows for effective location-specific treatments. This option is perfect for a lunch-hour neck massage, a shoulder treatment after a hard workout, or simply a tune-up on a problem area.

Restorative Massage
Traditional Therapeutic Massage with a fullbody emphasis on a restorning optimal muscle tone and joint mobility to alleviate the common discomforts caused by stress, poor posture, limited movement and injuries. Depth of pressure can vary from light to very deep based on client preference.

Rehabilitative massage
Similar to Restorative Massage with an added emphasis on pain management and injury recovery. Very specific muscles are treated with direct pressure and moderate discomfort to increase blood flow and improved movement to encourage recovery.

Express Zone Massage Treatments

$20/15 Minute Zone, up to all 4 Zones

Restorative and Rehabilitative Massage

Restoration Massage 
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